Black Girl Wisdom, is an online self-love and self-care community based out of Baltimore, Maryland.  The mission is to create a positive space filled with uplifting, educating, and providing motivational messages to women of color. The blog focuses on topics around Lifestyle, Love, Career and Finance, and Women’s Culture.


Meet Alyssa Cole

Alyssa Cole is an Education Technology Professional and Writer from Baltimore, Maryland. Cole created  Blackgirlwisdom.com in 2017, originally as a personal blog that blossomed into an online community open to women of color to discuss topics around LifestyleLoveWomen’s Culture, and more. With mental health and self-image issues being at an all time high currently in our society, Cole desired to create a space where women could talk and embrace their bodies and minds while recognizing that it’s ok to be human and flawed. Cole is pursing a Masters In Student Affairs Administration at Morgan State University, with a desire to become a Professor. You can follow her on Instagram @justbeinglyss

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