4 Signs You’re Dealing With Someone Emotionally Unavailable

By: Alyssa Cole

Are you getting to know someone who doesn’t quite seem like their really ready to let you break into their heart? Feeling constantly blocked out when a deep conversation begins? Are they struggling with moving forward to become serious with you? All of the these situations could stem from two words….EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE! 

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This term has become a popular thing among the young generations when explaining why they just aren’t ready to move forward. Everyone is different and has their different reasons for why they are emotionally unavailable, but am I the only one that gets confused when they do everything like a boyfriend/girlfriend, acts just like a boyfriend/girlfriend, doesn’t want to see you with anyone else, but then comes back to you saying their not ready to actually be that special someone to you. 

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Yes, this can be very frustrating! What’s worse is if you invest so much time into someone and don’t catch the signs early. We are all just looking for someone to grow with and build so who wants to waste time right?!

Want to know how you can detect if your potential lover may be emotionally unavailable? 

4 Signs Your Dealing With Someone Emotionally Unavailable

The Freak-Watch out for this one. They will try to snatch your soul in the sheets quickly but when things start to get a little to deep and intimate emotionally they tend to slowly fall back and eventually take off.

When I’m Free-Now this one is the type that only wants to hang out or be sexual when they are in the mood and focuses more so on what they desire not you. This one can be tricky to spot sometimes if you’re dealing with a “nice person”. They may come up with excuses as to why they can’t do things on your time and even may disappear for days or weeks after just being cuddled up with you while watching movies. Crazy right?

 The Complainer-This person will talk about everything their ex did to hurt the relationship but won’t own up to where they may have failed to make it work. They play the victim and may lack maturity and display it by talking bad about the ex if you ask questions about the previous relationship. It’s clear they aren’t over the situation and is a big sign that they may not be emotionally ready for someone new. 

The ” I don’t think/I just cant” person-Have they ever said things like “I don’t know if I’m ready for a relationship right now”, ” I don’t know how a relationship could work for me at this point”, I don’t think commitment is for me”, or “I’m just not good at relationships”?  This person is letting you know without saying it that they clearly are NOT READY for a serious relationship. Do not be the person that wants to be a superwoman/superman and feel like you are just the person to fix all their problems. Don’t do it!!! Pay attention to their words because if they are saying things like this, nine times out of ten, they probably mean it. 

 Pay attention to these types of people and signs you are experiencing. Ask yourself is this the type of person you’re dealing with? If someone is emotionally unavailable you must understand that it can take time for them to fully move forward. Is it something you are willing to accept?, or do you feel you deserve someone who is open to moving forward with you now?

Choose Wisely. 

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