Is Communication Getting Worse By The Year?

In a world now filled with so many new forms of technology and devices, it makes me wonder how has it impacted humans communicating on a face to face basis? I observe daily on my social media platforms the interaction via online and far too often I notice comments about how people wish they could find someone that knew how to still hold a conversation. Who would’ve thought with all this new technology that it would reverse the level of functional communication among people?

I sure didn’t think that social media would hinder us in that way, but it unfortunately has. One major impact from technology has been the performance in the workplace. The world wide web has become a major distraction in the workplace which impacts the performance of some employees and creates stress on employers. I’m sure we’re all guilty of sinking into a trending topic, the latest news pop up, or sports updates every now and then, but have we really realized just how much has changed?

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Relationships and friendships have been lost due to lack of communication or assumptions do to tweets or posts about a certain situation. How horrible is that?! To lose a friend or partner due to a social media post. It seems so minor but can be taken so seriously. The world wide web has created a virtual playground I like to call it for people to be whoever they desire to be, but this makes me think of that good old saying, “Looks can be deceiving”. Yes, they sure can! Don’t believe everything that you see online and don’t get consumed with what other people are doing or saying either because who really knows what’s true or false right?

Communication is key!!!

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